Hello there, welcome to my blog!

I’m Pauline, a 25-year-old French girl living in Brussels, Belgium. In 2016, I finally decided to start a blog (yay!).

These past few years, I’ve been wandering places to work and study, between Paris, Lyon, the UK, Sweden and the comfy Burgundy I like to call home. At the beginning of 2017, the wanderlust itch took me again and I decided to undertake – once again! – the challenging project to live and work abroad, this time in the capital and heart of Europe.

In January 2017, I graduated from EMLyon Business School with a MSc in Management and Digital Marketing. I’m genuinly passionate about digital content marketing, new technologies, fine music, travel, tasty food, living a healthy lifestyle and everything in between.

Why this blog?

This blog should’ve been existing for a decade now, at least I wish it did! I feel that I missed on telling so many stories, especially my experiences abroad, in England or in Sweden. I am so mad at myself for not taking the time, but here I am. This time around I don’t want to miss a thing!

I really want to document what it’s like to start my career life abroad! Also, I really hope to show you in these pages my path to a balanced life, mentally and physically!

I really hope you jump in & enjoy the ride!


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