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Do you think yoga is pretty useless? I am well aware that, just like me, you like to hit the gym daily (yeah, right). However there are these other days. The days when you don’t have time to commute to gym, when you have too much work, when you feel a little sore from yesterday’s workout, when your head is just too cluttered, when you could come up with a million excuses to avoid working out. Yoga is for those days.

I am coming to you with my top 3 YouTube channels for yoga workouts and guided meditation to get you started on these practiced, which can be sometimes a bit intimidating. That way, you can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home, at any time and at your own pace.

1. Yoga With Adriene

A MUST for every beginner. Whether in short quicky videos (under 10 minutes) or 30-day challenges, the yoga teacher Adriene got you covered to find what feels good – in her words – and discover yoga. The pace is very adequate for beginners to follow. Definitely a very good way to learn about yoga principles and postures.

Recently she has also published a few guided meditations which are quite interesting as well.

I am currently completing the 31-day challenge YOGA REVOLUTION, and I love it so far!

2. Boho Beautiful

Very good guided meditations and yoga sessions for intermediate level. Boho Beautiful is the YouTube channel of a couple currently traveling the world. Appart from their travel vlogs, many yoga & pilates workouts are available. The level is a little tougher and the target audience is more advanced than the one of Adriene for sure. However, no matter your physical condition, you will enjoy the guided meditation playlist which gives a proper introduction to what meditation is, especially for beginners.

3. Kino Yoga

I discovered this channel quite recently but it looks promising! If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for a 30 minutes yoga or meditation session, head over to this channel for quickies.


If you feel that meditating in front of YouTube is not the most convenient, there are many  guided meditation apps. My favourite app for meditation is Stop, Breathe & Think. I already mentioned this app to you previously but you should really check out the new version. A lot of new guided meditation are available for free.

What are your fav YouTube channel for yoga & meditation?

Yoga YouTube Meditation



First, I want to start off this article by saying that I don’t want to denounce anything, I am just wondering about how the big Instagram accounts become so big. Their owners have made a choice and I respect it. Surely, they have very good motivations to buy followers, if they do. I just want to question, and maybe raise awareness about some practices, especially for the followers of these influencers, the other accounts that look up to them, and the companies that work with them, because they are the first ones fooled. I think before I started investigating on the matter, I was part of the first group to be honest.

Why I started to wonder

I recently started to really get curious about how Instagram could be used as a lever to draw traffic on my blog. Not only that, but I have always been a big Instagram fan since I started my account in 2013. I was interested to see how these big accounts made it to the top with hundreds on Ks of followers.

Luckily enough, there was a bloggers & YouTubers conference organised close to where I live, so I decided to go, because I was eager to have all the little secrets to success revealed. There, I was told, like many times before online, that the secret to blooming followers figures was to post quality content and engage with other users of the social media platform.

But then I started thinking with a more rational approach, looking at the figures. To do so I used a very useful website called SocialBlade. This website gives you in – almost – real-time the count of followers, views, and a lot of other metrics for various social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. If you have enough followers, your analytics are available there (and made public). That’s what I used to have a look at those big accounts.

What made me pop the question

Some accounts have a pattern in their analytics. They are acquiring all at once a big number of followers (sometimes 10% of their total audience), and then getting big unfollows the following days. These peaks are usually not justified by media addition. And we know that being shared by a bigger account does not bring that kind of exposure. So what option is left? Yes, it looks like these accounts are buying followers. What happens when you buy followers? A big number of bots/fake accounts come and follow your account. Usually, a guarantee of a few days is given by the seller, but then, these bots and accounts simply start to unfollow. That’s what seems to happen here, see below with the examples of two different accounts:


Even the “stairs-like” graphs seem to indicate that these big peaks are new, and recurring, in the history of these accounts:

I am here genuinely wondering: is there any other explanation than them buying followers? If you have an answer, let me know in the comments.

Why would it be so?

Here is my theory: these accounts do not do buy followers out of pride, at least most of them. They do it for the money. Indeed, these days, the world of Instagram is becoming more and more professional, and unfortunately more and more automated. This is all in order to impress brands and companies. Because they are the ones with the money to invest in it, more or less wisely. Are these influencers thinking that they can fool advertisers with a big number of followers? I guess that can be the case, but increasingly, people also look at other metrics, such as the engagement rate. If you have 100K followers on your account, and 100 likes on your latest picture, it shows.

This is really an open question and I guess I don’t have all the possible answers to it. If you are buying followers, please do share your opinion in the comments, I am very interested. Also, I am still curious to know why this is all taboo. Especially if one can figure it out just by looking at SocialBlade. The examples below are of two accounts that I (still) follow and I have to admit this discovery disappointed me a little bit, but I am not naive, I am just trying to understand.

Do you think buying followers is a growing trend, even among the big influencers?

Are big influencers buying instagram followers


Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels

When moving abroad, you usually discover your new city and surroundings once you are settled there. Upon arrival in Brussels, that was mostly the case for me. Except for the Mont des Arts (mount of the arts – as kindly translated by Wikipedia) & the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. I discovered this part of town the first time I visited Brussels. It was in March last year, I have a very vivid memory of that weekend because it was the weekend just after the Brussels Attacks and it felt a bit odd being here. Anyway. I instantly fell in love with both of these places. And not so long ago, as I left the office and I noticed the weather was not too bad, I decided to play tourist again in my new city and go wander around these places.

Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels

How to get there?

Getting to the Mont des Arts is pretty easy, as it is a very central location within the city center of Brussels (click here to locate it on Google Maps). With the metro, get off at Bruxelles-Central (line 1 and 5).

The Mont des Arts

This place has one of the best views of the city centre of the Belgian capital. There, you can kind the Royal Library as well at the General Archives of the Belgian Realm. But that’s not why it’s my favourite place. The reason why I think this spot is so cool, is clearly the view, as previously mentioned, and also the atmosphere: tourists, students and locals all gather here to chill, listen to live music, or take pictures of the beautiful garden underneath.

At the top there’s a cool café, K W I N T, where you can have a cocktail and enjoy the view – see below.

Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels

The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Very close by to the Mont des Arts are the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. I am in love with glass-ceilings galleries and the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert are no exception. The vibes there strongly remind me of the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. Even though the Italian version is probably more impressive, the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert are definitely worth a look. It is made of two separate galleries meeting at the middle: the one of the King and the one of the Queen.

This place is the home of high-end stores like Longchamp and Chanel, and a lot of fine Belgian chocolate shops. There are also a few cafés to have a pint or a tea according to your mood. And there’s also a cinema! I just love to walk around and look at the shop windows. Especially in the Easter time with all the seasonal chocolate around! Tip: don’t go there if you’re hungry – seriously.

Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles BrusselsMont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles BrusselsMont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels
Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels

Have you ever visited these central Brussels spots?

Mont des arts Galeries Saint-Hubert Bruxelles Brussels


Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros

With the warmer weather comes the Spring feeling: an urging need to spruce and change everything up, and especially your interior. Even though I just moved in a few months ago, I am always lurking on Pinterest (check out my INTERIOR board here for inspiration) or interior websites for the next cool thing to add to my apartment. And I think sorting out and cleaning your interior deserves a little reward right?

So I decided to put together a list of spring-friendly items to bring new season into your home. There’s no need for a big budget to get your place to be nice looking, the items I picked are all under 20 euros (your wallet: “Thanks” – me: “you’re welcome!”). If you feel that this selection is still very inspired by nordic design… Well I plead guilty, you guys know how much I miss Scandinavia!

Click on the items to shop them, you can switch to your country and currency if needed.

A lot on your plate!

Goodbye soup bowls, hello salad plates! Here is some cute tableware to welcome the warmer weather in your kitchen.

Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros


Natural vibes

Spring is the season of blooming flower and cute plants, they instantly make your interior feel more fresh and lively. Also, it’s always nice to keep cute vases around just in case someone brings you flowers – if that doesn’t happen you can always do it for yourself.

Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros  Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 eurosSpring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros


Let there be light!

Inside or outside, a little lighting can do a lot to change the mood and make you feel all spring-y!

Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros


Cosy jungle living

The jungle trend is everywhere this holly season that is  spring, and if you made room for it in your wardrobe, you might as well do it in your living room as well! Give into that pop of color!

Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros


What are your interior favs at the moment?

Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection Under 20 euros