5 Clever Ways to Use Instagram

Among all the social media types, and more specifically social media apps, Instagram is the one I am the most addicted to, especially these days – those who follow me on @pauline__riviere know it pretty well. Either to feed my cravings for aesthetics or to share photos of my last city trip, it’s my go to app at any time of the day… Or night.


In this article I give you 5 ways to use Instagram other than to share pretty pictures, with special tips, accounts and hashtags for each.

1) Find motivation

Whether it is fitness, work or study motivation that you need, Instagram got you covered. Many accounts give you the opportunity to follow people on their way to greatness on a daily basis. Fitness Instagram accounts are especially all the rage and I have to say I find it quite encouraging to see transformation pictures or Nike+ run summaries. When it comes to work and studies, a lot of accounts also encourage productivity and ambition, whether at school or in the business world. Follow a couple of these accounts: it’s everyday, it’s in your phone, and it keeps you reminded of what your goals are.

Useful hashtags:

#fitfam / #healthy / #workout / #officelife / #business

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My favourite accounts:

@beproductive / @alexikonn / @yoga_girl / @eevsku / @fitness_alice

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2) Check out the menu for real

Let’s be honest, when choosing a place to eat, it all boils down to… the food. And while most restaurants’ websites include their menu, it’s often very hard to picture what the dish may look like FOR REAL. My trick: always check on Instagram the location tag – not the restaurant account or hashtag – of the restaurant you want to eat at. That way you will be able to have a look at every picture that was tagged there, and most likely food pictures. Realer than TripAdvisor and also often prettier!


#restaurant / #lunchgoals / #brunch


@seasonparis /  @angelo.ferrigno / *add you fav restaurant’s Instagram account here*

3) Pick out a hotel

Same here. Why bother with professional photoshopped pictures when choosing which bedroom you want to lay in for your next weekend or holidays? Instead, use the same technique as for restaurants, check the hotel’s location tag on Instagram. There, not only will you be able to check what the bedroom’s really like, you will also be able to get a grasp of how satisfied customers are, what breakfast looks like, how lively the place is, how cool the neighborhood is, etc. Endless possibilities here and so much more complete than the official hotel’s website, and even TripAdvisor sometimes. I would say that both complete each other pretty nicely.



#hotelwithaview / #bedroomgoals

4) Get outfit ideas

Instagram is simply every best fashion bloggers’ hiding spot so why just not benefit from it and enjoy their creative outfit ideas for the season? They often tag where the pieces of their outfit are from so you can shop them easily. Just like Pinterest, Instagram is a main resource for fashion.


#ootd / #details


@mimiikon / @niomismart / @carolinereceveurlucas / @marieandmood / @lilylikecom

5) Win stuff!

This one is a little more cheesy but I felt it was a good one to add! A lot of bloggers and Instagramers organize giveaways of the products they receive from brands that they don’t want to keep for themselves. Be on the lookout for contests and giveaways, I’m sure there is one in your area of interest.


#giveaway / #instagiveaway / #contest

Hope this was helpful to you and let me know in the comments what are your smart ways to use Instagram.

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  1. 10/23/2016 / 13:35

    I really enjoyed this article! So much more creative than a bunch of others articles I’ve read about instagram before! I use instagram, besides the usual things, also often to discover new things when traveling, from restaurants (like you mentioned) to random spots I want to visit!

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