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From my few months spent in Jönköping, Sweden, last year, I also took back with me the incredible Swedish taste in interior design. My craze hasn’t stopped growing ever since! I cannot wait to finally find an appartment to move-in next month. It will be the opportunity for me to let all that new-found passion for scandinavian interior design spread and bloom.

And no, Ikea doesn’t (really) count!


Even though I would really love to, I’m not going to pour my love for scandinavian design through these lines. That would be very boring for you. But let me just say this: I love scandinavian interior design because it’s sophisticated yet so simple, so plain – with the light wood or white surfaces – yet sometimes so colorful with cute patterns and pastels. Swedish people and I definitely share a love for pretty mugs, graphic interior design. And anything copper.


Shopping tips & inspiration

Back in France, I was so sad to see that there were no equivalent to these little Swedish interior design shops here. However, could you imagine my delight to see that I was able to satisfy my cravings in some other way? At some famous interior design brand’s shop: Maison du monde. They totally re-did their branding and they have such a younger and more modern image now, it’s worth checking it out!

Find below some of my favourite pieces – click on the picture to shop the item.

mdm8 mdm7 mdm6 mdm4

mdm3 mdm2 mdm1mdm5

It is one of the rare brands on the French market that really got this design trend, so well done to them! I wouldn’t have done it any better. In case you are wondering, you can find Maison du Monde shops in Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. The brand is also available online in the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal and Austria.


What’s your favourite piece of interior design these days?



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