• Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

    Since we moved into our own apartment in October, we really dedicated ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle. That included subscribing to the gym nearby and going at least 3 times a week. But the main change we made I feel, was in our eating habits. I really feel that we have become more organised:… View Post

    & Other Stories – Black Friday Haul

    Last week was Black Friday. Thanks to the help and guidance of wise fashion bloggers, I was able to browse through many sales from brands that I love. Nothing really caught my eye until I arrived on the & Other Stories website. I’ve been in love with this brand for as long as I can remember and… View Post

    LISBON DIARIES – Discovering the Parque das Nações [Day 5]

    Sorry what? You thought I was done with telling you about my Portuguese adventures? I didn’t even get to the best part yet! So I’ll keep going. A lot of people touring Lisbon forget to stop at the Parque das Nações. This part of the city is the modern part of the Portuguese capital. Most of… View Post

    7 Spotify Playlists to Keep You Motivated Through the Week

    I don’t know about you but music always had a huge impact on my mood and especially on my motivation state. On Friday night, while I was on my way home from work, I watched a very interesting and inspiring video from Lily Like where she was talking about motivation and how to keep motivated… View Post