• 15 Ideas to Overcome Sunday Night Blues

    With September comes the dreaded Sunday nights, these last precious moments before Monday when it all begins again – until next Friday. While we are still looking back on the joyful Summer we had, Sunday morning blues can seem pretty tough. As far as I can remember I have always hated Sunday nights, and now… View Post

    LISBON DIARIES – Sunset at Praça do Comercio [Day 1]

    Let me introduce you to a little series of articles that will wash away your Back-to-School sadness: my Lisbon Diaries. As some of you know, I have been exploring Lisbon for a week in August. In these articles I will depict day by day my discovery of the Portuguese capital. There is a lot to… View Post

    5 Brilliant Apps for Back-to-School Season

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    Erasmus bound – One year later

    Exactly one year ago today I was hopping on a plane that took me on a life-changing experience in Jönköping, Sweden (stick around the blog to read more about it soon).   This past week on social media, I have seen similar nostalgic posts flourishing from my fellow friends from Jönköping starting with “One year… View Post