Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

Since we moved into our own apartment in October, we really dedicated ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle. That included subscribing to the gym nearby and going at least 3 times a week. But the main change we made I feel, was in our eating habits. I really feel that we have become more organised: we menu prep every week before going grocery shopping, and I have to say one of my main source of inspiration for healthy recipes is Pinterest (you can go and check my Pinterest boards here).

In this article, I really wanted to share with you my favourites. Some of them are tested and approved, some others I’m just waiting to try and taste! I have to also state that all of the recipes below are super easy and quick to prepare: I’m not quite the Chef (yet?) and I often get home from work pretty late during the week, but I have to say it has been painless to cook all of these meals. So here we go : here is my selection of best healthy recipes from Pinterest! Click on the pictures to see the recipes.

                     Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest                                                                                                      Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

I guess it’s easy to say that, on Pinterest, nothing looks prettier or yummier than bowls. We have bowls for everything these days… I know! But look how pretty they are! And they are also super good for you : here I selected a breakfast bowl recipes articles (I am obsessed with how it looks) and a lunch salad bowl.

I have something with avocado. If it was just me (well, it is actually… But never mind!) this article would be full of avocado recipes: avocado grilled cheese, avocado salad, etc. This one below is a cool and healthy alternative.

                    Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest                                                                          Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

Tomatoes and peppers are staple items when it comes to healthy but tasty cooking, and I have to say coupled with light cheese like mozzarella, or eggs, it actually taste wonders – I have actually tried both recipes above and they are indeed amazing, healthy and filling.

Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

Who said pastas are not healthy ? This one was actually delicious.

I really wish I could put every single bit of my favourites recipes there but I am afraid this article would be kilometers long… So here ya’ go, a final one: Skinny Strawberry Sangria! (who said this was just about food? cheers!)

Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest

What’s the best healthy recipe you’ve discovered on Pinterest?

Best Healthy Recipes from Pinterest


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