• Top 3 YouTube Channels for Yoga & Meditation Beginners

    Do you think yoga is pretty useless? I am well aware that, just like me, you like to hit the gym daily (yeah, right). However there are these other days. The days when you don’t have time to commute to gym, when you have too much work, when you feel a little sore from yesterday’s… View Post

    Are Big Influencers Buying Instagram Followers?

    First, I want to start off this article by saying that I don’t want to denounce anything, I am just wondering about how the big Instagram accounts become so big. Their owners have made a choice and I respect it. Surely, they have very good motivations to buy followers, if they do. I just want to question,… View Post

    The Mont des Arts & the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert [Discover Brussels]

    When moving abroad, you usually discover your new city and surroundings once you are settled there. Upon arrival in Brussels, that was mostly the case for me. Except for the Mont des Arts (mount of the arts – as kindly translated by Wikipedia) & the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. I discovered this part of town the… View Post

    Spring Interior Design Shopping Selection [Under 20 euros]

    With the warmer weather comes the Spring feeling: an urging need to spruce and change everything up, and especially your interior. Even though I just moved in a few months ago, I am always lurking on Pinterest (check out my INTERIOR board here for inspiration) or interior websites for the next cool thing to add… View Post