7 Spotify Playlists to Keep You Motivated Through the Week

I don’t know about you but music always had a huge impact on my mood and especially on my motivation state. On Friday night, while I was on my way home from work, I watched a very interesting and inspiring video from Lily Like where she was talking about motivation and how to keep motivated (click here to watch it!). And I thought to myself: what is the one thing that gives me that extra push when my head, mind and body just give me a big no-no? And obviously the answer was music. No matter what I aim at achieving. These days as I am heading more and more to the gym (#FitterNovember yay!) and also trying to finish writing my master thesis, and music is really the motivating factor that helps me go the extra mile.

Lately I found it very useful to use Spotify playlists to get me in the mood. I’m sharing with you 7 playlists that will get you through the week, no matter what you need to get done!

Monday : Get to work!

Motivation-wise, Monday is the most challenging days of all, so it should be fought with accordingly strong weapons. Here is da bomb: 2000s SMASH HITS, a guilt-free pop playlist with all the best songs of the naughties, to make you smile on the bus, all the way to your office chair!

Listen to the playlist

Tuesday : hitting the gym

Even if the hardest part is actually going to the gym, once you are there, sometimes it can be daunting to always give 100%. NTC: Gym Strong is a playlist from Nike that will get you to do that extra rep!

Listen to the playlist


Get comfy and do your weekly chores in a cosy atmosphere. The Sleep, relax, think, dream… ZZ playlist has been made for you to unwind, remain focused, and get all these clothes in the washing machine!

Listen to the playlist

THURSDAY : getting your project done @ work

Sometimes you need that extra push to remain focus all afternoon long and finish that presentation that is due the next day. Keep Smiling! is a playlist coming all the way from Sweden with its good motivating vibes. Honestly I couldn’t resist.

Listen to the playlist

Friday : going for a run

The week is over and you still got some energy left: just go the extra mile! The Running to Rock 170-190 BPM playlist is actually genius as it puts together rock songs with a 170-190 BPM that will not let you loose rhythm.

Listen to the playlist

Saturday : study time

It’s the weekend but still, you need to stay focused. I find that classical music without lyrics, and especially piano songs, work wonder for me to cram on that exam or finish writing an essay. Try it out with the Peaceful Piano playlist, one of my favorites.

Listen to the playlist

Sunday : Tidying around

Last but not least, if all else fails, just put this one on. Always Pop Punk is everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Perfect to clean around the house. It’s filled with all your teenage-hood pop punk favourites – hello Blink-182! – and it’s oh-so efficient.

Listen to the playlist

What’s the music that keeps you going?




  1. 11/24/2016 / 16:05

    I need to download spotify…

    • 11/24/2016 / 16:06

      I did it last week and I cant stop using the app 😀

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