Sélection Hiver Urban Outfitters & Update

Hello, ça fait longtemps ! Comment ça va ? Je dois dire que j’ai été très occupée ces derniers temps, c’est pourquoi je n’ai pas donné beaucoup de news – désolée !

It’s Sunday night and I miss talking to you guys, and I’m also dying to do a little bit of online shopping, so I’ll do both in this article!

What’s up?

Master Thesis – Hooray!

How has your November month been so far? Mine has been pretty hectic, with a lot of office work, but also school work, with my Master thesis to hand in in almost a month. It’s so tough to get organized on such a big project, as I am more of a last-minute kinda girl but I’m forcing myself to get it done, and I am rather proud of how productive I have been this weekend. I also had my last class ever so I had to say goodbye to my school!

Writing the future

I have also been dealing with job opportunities and interviews in various countries. This is such a deep and insightful time in my career life right now, and I am grateful for all the great learning experiences along the way and I hope my choices will be for the best.

#FitterNovember challenge

What kept me busy at the beginning of this month was also getting back into shape! Now that we have moved in and are settled for a few months, I finally signed up to the gym again and I am doing everything I can to eat healthy and be active. I will tell you more about this and how it goes in the following weeks, in the meantime you can follow my journey to fitness on Instagram (click here to check out my account). I’m having so much fun trying out new  healthy recipes!

What about the blog?

Yeah what about it then? It’s been a very defining couple of weeks for me and I am thinking about the blog a lot, I want to contribute, I have a lot of article ideas. I am wondering which direction it should go now that it’s been active for quite some time. I was thinking about getting it a little bit more personal, like this article for instance, what do you think?

Urban Outfitters Winter Wishlist

With a lot of fresh ideas in mind and a fresher weather outside come the need for new clothes! I have been browsing the Urban Outfitters website tonight and I decided to give you a hint about my favorites. I really love that brand, I discovered it when I was a teenager traveling in London by I seem to ALWAYS forget about it – so thanks Lily Like for reminding me about it with your last haul (click here to check it out).

Here are my winter favs! Click on the pictures to see the item – French website version.

Cosy at work

capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-05-30 capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-05-53 capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-27-26

Casual Getaway Weekends

  capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-04-41 capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-21-11 capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-24-14


capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-08-33 capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-16-07 capture-decran-2016-11-13-a-21-16-40

What have you been up to lately?



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