15 Ideas to Overcome Sunday Night Blues

With September comes the dreaded Sunday nights, these last precious moments before Monday when it all begins again – until next Friday. While we are still looking back on the joyful Summer we had, Sunday morning blues can seem pretty tough.


As far as I can remember I have always hated Sunday nights, and now that I am almost done with school I can tell the feeling is not going anywhere unfortunately!

Here are 15 ideas to overcome the Sunday night blues and make Sunday evenings not so bad after all.

1. Cooking / baking


Cook yourself a nice diner, start meal prepping for the week, bake your family a cake or something, the possibilities are endless and it’s so relaxing.

2. YouTube & a cup of tea


Grab a cup of your finest Earl Grey and catch up on your favourite YouTubers, or better yet, explore YouTube and discover some new ones. My new discovery these days is Lily Like channel, what’s yours?

3. TV Show marathon


You know you love this kind of chill Netflix nights – not to be confused with Netflix & chill nights! Grab a blanket and your laptop and watch it till you drop. What’s your favourite TV Show at the moment? I finally started Game of Thrones and I’m almost done with season 4. And I’m so looking forward to Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal starting again in a few weeks, yay!

4. Diner & a movie


Why not head to the cinema and grab something to eat afterwards. With friends or with your s.o., I promise you this will make you forget it’s Sunday night.

5. Yoga


Whether you’re a super experiences yogi or just want to try yoga out for some stretching, this practice is deeply relaxing and there are exercises for all levels. I highly recommend the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene, who got me started but also kept me going in yoga. I will do an article on her “30 days Yoga camp” pretty soon.

6. Pamper evening


Jump into the bath tub and do whatever floats your boat: facial mask, exfoliation, read a book, … Basically make yourself nice and relaxed for the week ahead. I’m really into the Body Shop products at the moment, especially the Clay & Ginger facial mask (check it here).

7. Go out with friends!


I didn’t say get drunk and party hard! But grabbing a glass at the bar never hurt anyone – girl, I said one glass!

8. Read a book – non-work/school related!


Maybe there’s a novel you’ve been willing to start for a while, well now is the time. Get away from your screens and read! I personally really need to get my hands on the last Harry Potter and the last Millenium books.

9. Online shopping


What’s best to kick-off the week than to buy these cute mugs or this amazing dress? Plus, you’ll get something to look forward this week: an Asos package in the mail – yeah, I got everything covered.

10. Cuddles & a movie at home


You kinda need your s.o. for this one but if not, a pillow cuddle will do!

11. Go for a walk and enjoy the sunset


Enjoy the last bits of summer before it’s too late and go for a walk. It’s especially very nice if you live in the country side. If you live in the city, a walk around the park is also a perfect Sunday night activity. I especially loved to do these when I was in Sweden. In the Northern countries the sunsets are just mind-blowing – I don’t actually know why but they are, if you do know, please let me know.

12. Tidying


Start off the new week with a clean slate, and a tidy desk. Declutter your space to have a stressless mind and start Monday with a fresh spirit.

13. Meditation


It’s important to declutter your space but even more important to declutter your mind. To start off the week with a clean mind, I recommend meditation. if you are not very experienced, you can you YouTube video or check out the meditation app I recommended in my previous article here.

14. Plan your next weekend / vacation


The weekend is over, so what? Just start planning the next one. Browse the web for cheap deals on flights and hotels, call a few friends, make it happen! For this I highly recommend the HelloTrip website & app: it allows you to choose your next destination according to your budget, it’s a French startup and it’s actually brilliant!

15. Crash in early


When all else fails, you know what you need to do: just go to bed. The least you can do is start the week fresh and energized!

What’s your favourite thing to make Sunday night blues go away?



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