LISBON DIARIES – Exploring the Alfama & the Castelo de São Jorge [Day 2]

On our second day in Lisbon, we decided to go explore one of the most ancient and typical area of the city: the Alfama, and the famous Castelo de São Jorge.


Breakfast time

After a restful night in our cosy hotel room, we headed down for breakfast in a modern, clean and fresh atmosphere, almost scandinavian like – if you don’t know my love for scandinavian interior design yet, then you should read this.


Breakfast was rich and delicious, I especially got to try the typical Portuguese pastéis de nata, and I have to say these are lush!


Wandering up the Castelo de São Jorge


Unlike most tourists in Lisbon that day, we decided to beat up the heat and to walk up the Castelo de São Jorge. We started down from the Martim Moniz square and climbed up in the typical streets, with their laundry hanging up the windows and the houses covered in azulejos, so typical of the Alfama area.


Arriving at the surroundings of the castle, we discovered a very artsy area, full of artists and street art. I don’t know why but this all had a very Portuguese vibe to it.

IMG_2743 IMG_2748 IMG_2759 IMG_2760


The Castelo de São Jorge

I feel that what is really interesting about the Castelo de São Jorge  isn’t necessarily the castle in itself but more its fortification walls and the point of view from its gardens. I admit that what motivated us to go and visit the castle was to see Lisbon from above.


Unfortunately the pollution was quite visible in the sky that day, but still the view on the city and its architecture were amazing. We even got a look to have a sneak peak at the ocean.


The gardens of the castle are a mix of Southern vegetation and ancient architecture. The columns somehow made me feel like I was in Greece – which is a bit weird considering that I have never been there.


We then climbed up on the fortification to tour the rest of the castle and enjoy the view. We even made a couple of friends along the way!

IMG_2814IMG_2827IMG_2886 IMG_2842 IMG_2830 IMG_2851


Once we were done enjoying the amazing point of view, we decided to get back down to the city centre through the Alfama and grab ice cream. We crossed path with the very traditional yellow old tramway along the way, it is one of the most touristy symbol of Lisbon I think.


I particularly enjoyed the Miraduro de Santa Luzia, an amazing view point all covered in azulejos with an amazing view on Lisbon roofs and the ocean. It’s a very fresh place with a fountain and a lot of shade to hide from the heat, a perfect place to take a break and chill. I think this is one of my favourite place in the city.

IMG_2868 IMG_2875IMG_2866

What’s your favourite viewpoint in Lisbon?



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